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DESPOIX, Philippe

Professeur associé

Philippe Despoix is an expert on 18th-century literature and takes an interest in European scientific voyages of the Enlightenment and, in particular, as a member of the Gestes admirables research group, in the role and dissemination of engravings. He is also a specialist in 20th-century Germanic thought, and a member of the Canadian Centre for German and European Studies, where he co-directs the PUM collection. He is also a member of the trans-Atlantic doctoral academy "Diversity: Mediating Difference in Transcultural Space."

As a member of the scientific committee of the Centre de recherche sur l'intermédialité, he collaborates with the team working on "archiving in a digital age" and directs the Intermédialités journal on the history and theory of arts and letters and techniques. His current research concerns the function of the media in memory and intercultural processes. He is preparing a book that examines the relationship between photography, anthropology and history from an intermedial perspective.


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Directeur intérimaire, Professeur titulaire

  • The imaginary
  • Urban studies
  • Popular culture (suburban, design, branding, irony, recycling)
  • Rome
  • Italy
  • The Classic World (Mesopotamia, The Mediterranean)
  • Northwest Aboriginal Peoples
  • West Coast Indigenous peoples
  • Indigenous peoples of the Plateau
  • Indigenous peoples of the North American Southwest
  • Canada
  • Antiquity
  • Cultural and social anthropology
  • Social anthropology
  • Microwear analysis
  • Modern Times

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