Graduate programs

English literature fosters a profusion of experiences that are unabatedly compelling; Shakespeare, Dickens, Woolf, Atwood, Cohen, Hemingway or Rushdie!...UdeM’s graduate programs offer a cornucopia of courses that will cultivate your imagination as well as your critical and creative thinking.

As a city where French and English speakers coexist with languages from around the world, Montreal provides the ideal context for studies that focus on the contact and interaction between literatures and cultures. This unique feature is explored in the many courses we offer and which deal with questions embedded in literature’s social and cultural relevance (literature and popular culture, postcolonial theory, globalization, literary representations of gender roles and sexuality, etc.).

The Département de Langues et de Littératures du Monde’s English studies programs foster cultural awareness and an interdisciplinary approach through our thought-provoking seminars as well as professionalization workshops. Our graduate programs enable students to further their comprehension of a variety of cultural, historical and literary issues that shift and evolve on a global scale.

Building on a comprehensive and creative approach, UdeM’s English studies programs offer a variety of courses, which include British, American, Irish, and Canadian literature among others. Our curriculum also showcases various Anglophone literatures from Quebec, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, and reflects a variety of pedagogical perspectives, whether of a national, postcolonial, avant-garde or experimental character.

Our programs

Who are these programs intended for?

MA and PhD programs are designed for anyone who wants to enrich his or her knowledge and deepen his or her theoretical, critical, historical or analytical engagement with English studies. The programs are also ideal for those who wish to combine their research with their creative work.

Thanks to the mentorship of a renowned author, who also serves as the creative writing co-ordinator, students benefit from close ties with members from creative writing communities and research centres, whose latest findings are shared during classes and seminars.

The MA and PhD programs are open to English graduates as well as those coming from other fields of study related to English, provided they meet the admission requirements. Aspiring graduate students must have a minimal command of French to fully take part in the student and academic life.

Still undecided about the topic of your thesis? Scroll through the fields of expertise of our professors or see the most recent thesis submitted to the Department.

Job outlook

MA and PhD Studies in English can lead to university and college tenure-track positions. The degrees, sometimes combined with previous studies in other related fields, can also increase the chances of finding managerial and executive positions.

With their superior command of written English as well as their critical thinking and close reading skills, our graduate students can also plan to enter the job market in a variety of related sectors:

  • Publishing and journalism
  • Media and advertising
  • Translation
  • Public relations
  • Civil service
  • Research and documentation
  • Tourism
  • Planning and organization of major cultural and literary events