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Lecture Series and literary readings

Each term, the English Studies Section of the Department of Literatures and Languages of the World invites key figures to participate in its lecture series. These lectures are complemented by literary readings featuring established and up and coming writers.

Guest speakers gladly exchange with students, researchers and faculty members in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere. Building bridges between disciplinary fields and UdeM's teaching units while developing openness toward complementary sources of knowledge are key objectives.

Every member of the academic community, with or without ties to English studies, is invited to participate.

Jane Malcolm

Conference archives

Please find below the program of past lectures.


Gail Scott Literary Reading series:

  • 3 octobre 2014, C-8881, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
    Mathew Henderson
    is a young poet whose first book about working in the oil sands has received tremendous acclaim, including a coveted mention in the New York Times.
  • 17 octobre 2014
    Louise Dupré
    will present on a panel at the American Council for Quebec Studies conference. The panel is, in part, to launch the English translation of La Théorie, un dimanche, a feminist classic by Nicole Brossard, Louise Dupré, France Théoret, Gail Scott, Louky Bersianik, and Louise Cotnoir.
  • 7 novembre 2014
    Prize winning novelist Zoe Whittall will read at Drawn and Quarterly. Following the reading, Gail Scott will interview Whittaker about, among other things, different literary impulses for writers living in Toronto or Montréal.
  • 21 novembre 2014, C-8881, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
    Poet Rachel Zolf will read from her book about early contact between settlers and First Nations, called Janey's Arcadia.
  • 5 décembre 2014, C-8881, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
    Nathanaël (formerly Nathalie Stephens)
    will read from her own acclaimed work as well as from her translation of the late French queer writer Hervé Guibert, whose work is a record of the early years of AIDS in France, among other things.

Speakers series

  • 6 février 2015, C-8881, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
    David Austin
    is the author of Fear of a Black Nation: Race, Sex, and Security in Sixties Montreal, winner of the 2014 Casa de las Americas Prize for Caribbean Literature in English or Creole, and editor of You Don't Play with Revolution: The Montreal Lectures of CLR James.
    He has also produced radio documentaries on C.L.R. James and Frantz Fanon for CBC's Ideas. He currently teaches in the Humanities, Philosophy, and Religion Department at John Abbott College in Montreal. The title of his talk is Nègres blancs, Nègres noirs: Biosexuality and Literature in the Quebec Narrative.
  • 20 février 2015, C-8881, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
    Danielle Bobker
    (Department of English, Concordia University) will present a paper titled Coming Out: Closet Rhetoric and Media Publics. Dr. Bobker's research area is 17th- and 18th-century British literature. She is especially drawn to satire and questions about Restoration court culture (and its decline), print authorship (and its emergence), and the relationships between sexuality, sociability, and status.
    Alone Together
    , her current book project, looks at interpersonal encounters taking place in or figured by closets - or private rooms - in 18th-century writing; she argues that the intense but unstable intimacies of the closet played an important role in shaping the modern social imagination.
  • 27 mars 2015, C-8881, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
    Jane Malcolm
    (Département d'études anglaises, Université de Montréal) will present a paper on the subject of teaching Gertrude Stein. Dr. Malcolm's research interests include poetry and poetics, British, American, and European modernism, extra-literary modernism, the poetics of gender, the problem of difficulty, and the theory and practice of translation. She has recently published a co-edited edition of Laura Riding's Contemporaries and Snobs and is currently working on a book about gender ambivalence and modernist innovation in the work of H.D., Mina Loy, Laura Riding, and Gertrude Stein.
  • Avril 2015
    Stephen Guy-Bray
    (Department of English, University of British Columbia) is a specialist in Renaissance poetry and queer theory, with interests in poetics and in comparative literature. His most recent book is called Against Reproduction: Where Renaissance Texts Come From, and he has just finished a monograph on the importance of paraphrase to cultural production and to literary theory
  • Avril 2015
    Charles Hatfield (Department of English, California State University, Northridge) specializes in word and image studies, comics and graphic novels, children's culture, cultural studies, film and media, and popular genres. His most recent book is titled Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby.
  • Qu'est-ce qu'un support?
    Conférence prononcée par Fabien Gandon, Jean-Marc Larrue et Matteo Treleani
    28 novembre 2013, salle P-217, pavillon Roger-Gaudry.
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  • L'annotation, le savoir dans la marge
    Conférence prononcée par Christophe Leclercq, Marc Jahjah, Stefan Sinclair.
    16 janvier 2014, salle P-217, pavillon Roger-Gaudry
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  • La traduction, au cœur des nouvelles pratiques éditoriales
    Conférence prononcée par Anne-Laure Brisac et Geneviève Has.
    13 février 2014, salle P-217, pavillon Roger-Gaudry
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  • La convergence des plates-formes, ou l'environnement-support
    Conférence prononcée par Maurizio Ferraris et Valérie Jeanne-Perrier.
    13 mars 2014, salle P-217, pavillon Roger-Gaudry
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  • Algorithmes et éditorialisation automatisée
    Conférence prononcée par Audrey Laplante et Dominique Cardon.
    24 avril 2014, salle P-217, pavillon Roger-Gaudry
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  • Kòbòlò Poetics: African Urban Scripts and Reading Publics
    Conférence prononcée par Ato Quayson, professeur d'anglais et 1er directeur du Centre pour la diaspora et les études transnationales de l'Université de Toronto.
    19 mars 2010, 16 h, salle 160, Pavillon des arts, Université McGill
  • Conférence prononcée par Audra Simpson, Columbia University
    12 mars 2010
  • Conférence prononcée par Moses Omri, Université Concordia
    19 février 2010
  • Conférence prononcée par Renée Gladman, Brown University
    12 février 2010
  • Conférence prononcée par Monica Popescu, Université McGill
    22 janvier 2010
  • Conférence prononcée par George Elliot Clarke
    2 novembre 2010
  • The Inhuman Condition
    Conférence prononcée par Ollivier Dyens.
    21 novembre 2008, 16 h, salle C-8111, pavillon Lionel-Groulx

En 2007-2008, le Département d'études anglaises s'est aussi associé au CÉRIUM dans la présentation d'une série de conférences interdisciplinaires explorant les relations entre les représentations politiques, littéraires et culturelles (au sens large) de la sécurité et de l'insécurité collective.

Visualiser l'affiche des conférences associatives avec le CÉRIUM.

  • Still Here: Choreography, Temporality, AIDS
    Conférence prononcée par Steven Bruhm, professeur d'anglais à l'Université Mount Saint Vincent.
    Présentée en collaboration avec le Département de littérature comparée.
    12 octobre 2007, 16 h 15, salle C-8111, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
  • Doctor Dildos Dauncinge School: Sexual Instruments and Women's Erotic Agency in Early Modern English Culture
    Conférence prononcée par William Fisher, professeur d'anglais, Lehman College, City University of New York.
    2 novembre, 2007, 16 h 15, sale C-8111, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
  • Byron and the Scandal of Paternity: Anonymity, Plagiarism, and the Natural Rights of Authors
    Conférence prononcée par Tilar Mazzeo, professeur d'anglais au Colby College.
    7 décembre 2007, 16 h 15, salle C-8111, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
  • System Failure: Oil, Insecurity and Disaster
    Conférence prononcée par Imre Szeman, sénateur, Chaire sur la mondialisation et les études culturelles, Université McMaster.
    Présentée en collaboration avec le CÉRIUM.
    13 mars 2008, midi, salle 550-05, pavillon 3744, rue Jean-Brillant
  • Conférence prononcée par Dan O'Hara.
    Présentée en collaboration avec le Département de littérature comparée
    28 mars 2008, 16 h, salle C-8111, pavillon Lionel-Groulx
  • Insécurité linguistique et rencontres barbares
    Conférence prononcée par Mireille Rosello, Chaire du programme d'études comparatives, University of Amsterdam.
    Présentée en collaboration avec le CÉRIUM.
    17 avril 2008, midi, salle 550-05, pavillon 3744, rue Jean-Brillant
  • The Disasters of War; On Inimical Life
    Conférence prononcée par Ian Baucom, Chaire du Département d'anglais, Duke University.
    Présentée en collaboration avec le CÉRIUM.
    15 mai 2008, midi, salle 550-05, pavillon 3744, rue Jean-Brillant