English studies at UdeM

English studies at Université de Montréal are part of the Department of Literatures and Languages of the World, along with German studies, Hispanic studies, comparative literature and modern languages.

Multidisciplinarity is a key aspect of English studies at UdeM, where literature, art, philosophy and politics can blend together in studying classical and contemporary texts, culture and identity, as well as literary genres, styles, rhetoric and periods.

A unique environment

Numerous activities (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.) and resources are provided by the Department. Exchange programs as well as internship opportunities are also available to those who wish to enrich their academic itinerary with tangible experiences.

Research groups and centres add to the Department's dynamism. They help students achieve their full potential by taking advantage of the faculty's rich and diverse expertise.

The Department of Literatures and Languages of the World:

  • 1Close to 50 professors, researchers, lecturers, teaching assistants and visiting professors
  • 2More than 450 undergraduate and graduate students
  • 3100 graduates each year
  • 4A wide array of scholarships to support students